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Development trend of logistics machinery and equipment

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With the expansion of production and logistics scale, as well as the improvement of logistics automation degree, logistics machinery and equipment in modern production and logistics is more and more widely used, the role of more and more; And modern production and modern logistics have put forward higher requirements for logistics machinery and equipment. With the improvement of modern mechanical equipment design ability and the rapid progress of science and technology, the technological completeness, knowledge content and cultural content of logistics machinery and equipment have increased sharply. Logistics machinery and equipment are experiencing a huge change. In the new century, the technical performance of logistics machinery and equipment will enter a new stage of development, logistics machinery and equipment will make greater development

Throughout the development of logistics machinery and equipment, it can be seen that in order to meet the needs of modern logistics, logistics machinery and equipment have the following development trends:

1. Scale and speed

  "Upsizing" means that the capacity, scale, and capacity of the equipment are getting larger and larger. "High-speed" means that the operation speed, operation speed, identification speed, and calculation speed of the equipment are greatly accelerated. The rapid development of modern society and economy makes the scale of production and logistics continuously expand. In order to improve operation efficiency and scale benefits, the demand for large and high-speed logistics machinery keeps growing. The lifting weight, deadweight, productivity and operation capacity of logistics machinery and equipment are getting bigger and bigger, and the working speed is getting faster and faster.

2. Practical and light

        Logistics machinery and equipment is the important material and technical basis of modern and automatic logistics. Logistics machinery and equipment requires easy use, easy maintenance, operation, excellent durability, failure free and good economy, as well as high safety and reliability. Therefore, in the future, we will pay more attention to the development of logistics machinery and equipment with good performance, low cost and high reliability. Some logistics machinery and equipment are used in general occasions, the work is not heavy. This kind of equipment is large in batch and widely used. Considering the comprehensive benefits, it can reduce the appearance height, simplify the structure, reduce the cost, and also reduce the operating cost of the equipment. This kind of light equipment will have faster development in the future.

3. Specialization and generalization

  Logistics is the product of social and economic development, which is bound to show diversified characteristics. The diversified characteristics reflect the diversification of the demand for logistics machinery and equipment, so that the logistics machinery and equipment has a variety of varieties and. Keep updating. The system and consistency of logistics activities and the fast and mobile transportation and distribution require some equipment to develop in the direction of specialization, and at the same time require some equipment to develop in the direction of universality and standardization. Special equipment with special functions to meet special needs, can play the best utility. Such as railway, ship, container and other special crane function will continue to increase, performance continues to improve, adaptability continues to strengthen; Container ships, bulk carriers, concrete trucks, tank trucks and other widely used, low cost. And some general equipment can also realize the rapid transformation of logistics operations, greatly improve the efficiency of logistics operations, such as large container trailer can carry sea, air, railway transportation of all sizes of containers, the future general equipment will be further developed.

4. Automation and intelligence

  The future development direction will be to combine mechanical technology and electronic technology, to apply advanced microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, optical cable technology, hydraulic technology and fuzzy control technology to the drive and control system of machinery, and to realize the automation and intelligence of logistics machinery and equipment. For example, the new generation of electrical control device of large and efficient crane has developed into a full electronic digital control system, which consists of a full digital control drive device, a programmable controller, a fault diagnosis and data management system, and a digital control given detection device. The application of advanced technology makes the crane more flexible and improves the level of single integrated automation. The operation of transportation equipment is becoming more and more steering dependent on instrumentation, signals and driving assistance systems that are becoming more and more intelligent. The development and application of the automatic driving system in sea transportation and air transportation, the trolley in the automatic warehouse and the intelligent transportation system (ITS) in highway transportation will attract the attention of many countries. In addition, with the help of satellite communication technology, transportation equipment can be tracked and controlled throughout the course of the market to respond quickly to changes. At the end of 2000, northwest International Telecommunication Co., Ltd. established a set of freight vehicle dispatching management system for FAW Storage and transportation Co., LTD. It combines GPS, GIS, GSM and other technologies to realize the whole tracking and monitoring of goods. The system can effectively avoid the empty load of the vehicle, arrange the time of receiving and shipping reasonably and effectively, greatly improve the utilization rate of the vehicle, save the transportation cost, and make the enterprise or the consignor know all the situation of the goods in the transportation, to the maximum to meet the needs of customers for vehicle safety service, management scheduling and information service. Since the establishment of the system, the operation is good, played a very good effect, for the effective management of logistics to provide a foundation, in the future will be more widely used.


        Intelligent type truck AHV (AutonomousHandlingVehicle) will also be widely used. The AHV is similar in shape to the AGV in use today, but it is equipped with two universal manipulators. When working, the AHV relies on industrial cameras that play a visual role to determine the position and size of goods. Like a human, the AHV can freely move 200-300 kilograms of goods with the manipulator. AHV has the function of cooperative operation. When the transported goods are too long or heavy, more than two ARVs can work together to carry them, which will greatly reduce the specifications and models of ARVs and facilitate management. The combined operation of several AHVs of the same specification can greatly improve their operational capability.

5. Be systematic and systematic

  On the basis of stand-alone automation of logistics machinery and equipment, various logistics machinery and equipment are composed into an integrated system of logistics machinery and equipment by computer, which is coordinated with the logistics system through the control of the central control room. This kind of logistics machinery and equipment has a high degree of automation, and has the function of information processing. It can implement the storage, calculation, logical judgment, transformation and other processing of the information detected by the sensor, and then issue control instructions to the actuator. This kind of logistics machinery and equipment also has a good information input and output interface, to achieve complete, accurate and reliable information transmission in the whole logistics machinery integrated system. Logistics machinery and equipment through system integration, can form the best match and combination of different types of machines, learn from each other, play the best effect. In the future will focus on the development of factory production and handling automation system, cargo distribution and distribution system, container handling system, automatic sorting and handling system of goods, etc.

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